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How Men Can Help Women

June 19, 2021

In this episode, we host an honest discussion about the responsibility on men when it comes to the unacceptable abuse suffered by women.

Earlier this year, the horrific murder of Sarah Everard led to a huge outcry from women who have understandably had enough of the abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of men.

This has also given rise to an unprecedented number of women bravely coming forward to talk about their experiences of abuse from men, from the everyday catcalling that goes on in the streets, to physical and sexual attacks.

A line has been drawn in the sand, so we wanted to understand what men can do to help make sure that abuse against women becomes a thing of the past.

To help us work all that out, we’re joined by three excellent guests:

Social psychologist Professor Russell Luyt, head of Human Sciences at the University of Greenwich, and co-author of Masculine Power and Gender Equality: Masculinities as Change Agents (Springer, £87.50)

Deniz Ugur, deputy director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition

Emma Kay – the founder of the WalkSafe app,

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